1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k17 50 /12,5 mm dik

Kooltherm k17 70 / 12,5 mm by Pallet á 31,20 M2

Kooltherm K17 70/12,5mm is a high quality component for the after-insulating walls. K17 meant to isolate you up

at low thickness and finish in one. Kooltherm K17 including 12.5mm plasterboardsuitable all renovation project. A pallet is composed of 10 plates A 31,20 M2. The size of Kooltherm K17 is 2600x1200mm.

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(€35.78 M2)

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Kingspan Kooltherm K17 70 / 12,5 mm dik by pallet

The high-quality insulation plate Kooltherm K17 has the highest insulation value of Energienulshop and is very suitable for the post-insulation of walls and roofs. The Kooltherm K17 insulation board has a lambda value from 0,020 W / M K, this means to you maximum isolation at small thickness at a competitive price. You save valuable space when compared to traditional insulation.

In addition to the excellent insulating properties of rigid phenolic foam plate includes the Kooltherm K17 plate of a fiber-free core, a moisture barrier and plasterboard of 12.5mm. Through this arrangement the insulation board is very suitable for renovation projects, insulating and finishing is easy with the Kooltherm K17 plate.

By enduring thermal efficiency, good insulation properties and low weight, the Kooltherm K17 plate easy to handle and assemble. Energienulshop believes the Kooltherm K17 insulation suitable for sustainable renovations or your passive house project. Energienulshop choosing quality and maximum efficiency, request a quote for large quantities. We like to help you!

Enumerating for ú;

  • High quality hard foam insulation with a low lambda value from 0,020
  • Maximum isolation from a small thickness
  • Very suitable for sustainable construction and renovation!
  • Isolating and finishing in one by composite plate.
  • Permanent thermal rendemend
  • Selected product by Energienulshop

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