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Kingspan W'all in One

The high-quality insulation board W'all in One of Energienulshop is ideal for after-isolating your interior wall for example, your shed, outbuilding. The W'all in One-insulation element has a Lambda value from 0,023 W / M K, this means to you maximum isolation against  small thickness. You save valuable space.

The Wall in One consists of a PIR rigid foam insulation on one side finished with 9.5 mm plasterboard, it means isolating and finishing in one operation. Direct and easy to assemble.

By enduring thermal efficiency, good insulation properties and low weight is the W'all in One insulation easy to handle and assemble. The W'all in isolation One element is very suitable for sustainable renovation of your project. Energienulshop choosing quality and maximum efficiency, request a quote for large quantities. We like to help you!

Pay less and sustainably enjoy doing at Energienulshop!

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