Kingspan insulation

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan insulated panels are as regards Energienulshop the best solution for the isolation of a zero-energy house or energy-efficient adaptation to your home. The A brand for example, the after-insulating your loft or insulate your renovations. Kingspan Insulation is the best solution for your complete passive house! This by its very good insulating properties and low lambda values at low thicknesses. This saves you energy and space.

The range consists of the Kooltherm cavity wall insulation boards K8 / K8 plus to the TW50 PIR rigid foam insulation. Because of this good insulating properties you achieve high RC values are reflected without very thick walls occur. With Kingspan you are assured of the highest efficiency!

Our product range includes;

  • • Kooltherm K8 cavity wall insulation board
  • • Kooltherm K8 plus cavity wall insulation board
  • • Therma TW 50 Cavity wall insulation board PIR
  • • Kooltherm k17 insulation board, insulation and plaster in one.
  • • iSoEasy Kingspan insulation package for after-isolation.
  • • Kooltherm K12 insulation for after-isolation.
  • • The W'all in One insulation of Kingspan

We can help you with making the best insulation solution for your project!

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