Renovent Excellent 300
Brink Heat Recovery Excellent 300
Renovent Excellent 300
Brink Heat Recovery Excellent 300

Brink Heat Recovery Excellent 300

Renovent Excellent 300 is very suitable for your energy efficient home. Due to the high efficiency of 95%, 100% bypass, low noise and low Energy consumption is the Renovent Excellent 300 is the best choice to ventilate sustainable. We supply the Renovent Excellent in all versions. Fast delivery times at Energienulshop!


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  • Free advice and explanation

Meer informatie

Renovent Excellent are ventilation units with heat recovery. Renovent Excellent are of Dutch manufacture Brink Climate Systems. In the development, assessment of the Excellent device are low noise and low power consumption help the starting point. Both assumptions come through reduced internal weersteand and larger fans with backward curved blades. The "constant flow" principle guarantees the end user an optimal ventilation balance. Overall a HRU with the highest efficiency and comfort.

Renovent Excellent 300 are suitable for permanent ventilation and excellent energy-saving modifications or conversions. Also, the heat recovery devices by their good technical characteristics and high efficiency inseparable from a energienulwoning.

The heat recovery units of Brink Climate Systems also called central ventilation systems provide for different lounges central ventilation requirements. Examples of central ventilation products are the Renovent Excellent and Renovent Sky appliances.

Because we can advise the good years of experience Energienulshop with this brand. This for the determination of the proper connections, the type of ventilation to the calculation. We can help you, please call our customer service!

Enumerating for ú;

Renovent Excellent WTW

  • 300 M3 with 100% bypass
  • Free shipping in NL
  • Shipping costs abroad on request!
  • Efficiency of 95%
  • High EPC reduction
  • Multiple connection options
  • Constant Flow control
  • low noise
  • Low auxiliary power
  • Dutch product
  • Energienulshop chosen brands.

See our installation instructions for the Renovent Excellent 300 through our years of experience with Brink Climate Systems we help you with the juite types or implement Renovent Excellent 300 Dutch made Brink Climate Systems

Pay less for durable ventilation by Energienulshop!

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