Kooltherm K8 Plus

Kingspan Kooltherm K8 Plus

The high-quality insulation board Kooltherm cavity wall insulation board K8 Plus of Kingspan Insulation has the highest insulation value of Energienulshop and is very suitable for insulating your home or passive energy-neutral home. The Kooltherm K8 Plus cavity wall board has a lambda value from 0,020 W / M K, this means to you maximum isolation against small thickness at a competitive price. The Kooltherm K8 cavity wall insulation board assures very high insulation values at a small thickness. You save valuable space compared to traditional insulation.

In addition to the excellent insulating properties of the wall cavity insulation board K8 Plus Kooltherm rigid phenolic foam board includes the Kooltherm K8 Plus insulation board of a fiber-free core and features the DuBo mark. The Kooltherm K8 Plus cavity wall insulation board is one of the few insulation with this label. Only the most environmentally friendly materials feature this DuBo mark!

By enduring thermal efficiency, good insulation properties and low weight, the Kooltherm K8 Plus board easy to handle and assemble. Energienulshop assured that Kooltherm K8 Plus cavity wall board insulation suitable for sustainable renovations, yóur construction project to low energy or your passive house project.  Energienulshop opts for quality and maximum efficiency, Request a quote for large quantities. We help and advise you!

Pay less and sustainably enjoy do you do at Energienulshop!

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